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With that interest came conversation, and a new community of leakers and armchair war correspondents was born. Though the photo was called a fake, its sheer existence, along with Soylent's decision to take it public, inspired horrified editorials in the global press. Most outdoor fountains will bubble up quite a bit if you dump a bottle of laundry detergent in them, but overdoing it is where you find success.

Most of them will just explode on impact, but if you get one to roll the right way, it will go along the ground and then shoot up about 30 feet in the air before exploding. Safeway lists the prices of laundry detergent in price per load. The guardians of free speech online tend to agree. In addition to hosting snuff content meant to thrill visitors in search of real-life horror, Ogrish developed a reputation for hosting gruesome footage of war and terrorism.

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A recent Yahoo France case -- in which Yahoo was forced by French authorities to remove all hate paraphernalia from its auction pages -- has free-speech activists alarmed that the Net is going to be dumbed down to the lowest common denominator of acceptability. Inthe people running the site decided Ogrish desperately needed a rebrand.

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Murder, Mayhem and the Evolution of Website LiveLeak

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But as long as the conversation retains the barest shred of civility, Hewitt loves to get involved in a good argument, no matter how extreme the expressed views.

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Stile projects
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